Once You Arrive On The Coast

Once You Arrive on the Coast

Before you head up the mountain to the Villas, it is advisable to pick up a few necessities like drinking water, food, ice etc. There are a couple of good markets in Uvita that have everything you need. It is also an opportunity to pick up some literature for local activities and see where the local services are located. Costa Rica does not use street addresses.


Getting to the Villas

The Pacific Coastal main highway No. 34 is also known as the Costanera. Paddle markers are installed along the edge of the road and provide a Kilometer (Km) number. They are great reference points for turn offs.


Traveling up (North) the Costanera from Uvita, the turn off to the Villas will be on your right just before Km marker 159.


Travelling down (South) the Costanera from Dominical, the turnoff will be on your left just after Km marker 159.

The tour center for Rancho La Merced Preserve is located opposite the turnoff at km 159. There will be signs pointing to Oro Verde Preserve and San Josecito.


Travel East on this unpaved road approximately 4.5 Km, approximately 1 Km past the Oro Verde Tour Center. After you pass Oro Verde, you will cross a small creek, go down a hill and cross another creek then go up a hill. Take the last left hand turn before you go back down to the next creek crossing.

If you miss the turn you will end up at the soccer field and school in San Josecito, turn around and go back and take the right hand turn just after the creek.

After you make the turn go about 300 meters up the hill to the Villa gate.